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Teaching Experience

American Musical and Dramatic Academy [New York, NY 2011 – present]


Unarmed, Single Rapier, Rapier & Dagger, Broadsword, Quarterstaff and choreography 

New York Summer Sling  [New York, NY 2017 and 2018]


Medieval and Renaissance Dagger ('17 and '18) Using your WHOLE Body as a Weapon ('18)

Chautauqua Institute  Chautauqua [NY Summer, 2012]   

Unarmed combat for Opera Singers     


Rutgers University [New Brunswick, NJ intermittent 2004 - 2014 ]


Introduction to Rapier and Rapier and Dagger


Manhattan School of Music  [New York, NY  1999 – present]

Recurring Guest Instructor                                           

Opera Studio:  recurring 3 week courses in basic unarmed and knife techniques for singers

Undergraduate Program:  annual single day workshop in basic stage combat

Swordplay! Stage Combat, Inc. [New York, NY 1998 – Present]


Courses Taught


     Single Rapier; Rapier and Dagger; Unarmed; Broadsword; Knife


     Knife; Rapier and Dagger; Unarmed; Martial Arts for the Stage

Weapons of the Renaissance: 

     Class exploring historical and advanced techniques in several weapons styles including:

     Dagger fighting, Sword and Buckler; Sword and Dagger; Case of Rapiers and Cloak and Dagger

Weapons of the Medieval Era:

     Class exploring historical and advanced techniques in several weapons styles including:

     Long Sword; Sword and Shield; Sword and Axe and Sword and Dagger


Mannes College of Music [New York, NY 1997 – 2001]

Recurring Guest Instructor                                            

Opera Department:  Unarmed Combat for opera singers


Broadway Classroom  [New York, NY  2003 - 2006]


Numerous lecture-demonstrations for middle and high school groups visiting NYC


International Opera Convention [New York, NY  2005]


Invited by the organizers to present a workshop designed to promote the training of opera singers in the art of stage combat


Summer Theatre Institute at Columbia University  [New York, NY 2004]


Introductory Stage Combat:  Basic techniques and Acting the Fight


American Ballet Theatre School New York, NY  1996


5-week course in Rapier in preparation for Romeo and Juliet


Stella Adler Conservatory  [New York, NY]

Guest Instructor                                                                      


PS/IS 190  [New York, NY 2002]


Unarmed and Knife Techniques for the Stage


New Jersey Youth Theatre (formerly WYACT)  [Newark, NJ 2002-2014]


Annual workshop in a variety of weapons in preparation for production






2010 - present

2010 - present

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