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On Camera

Proud  (film – 2004)  THEntertainment/Castle Hill Productions 

Director: Mary Pat Kelly

Stunt Coordinator – J.R. Robinson

Stunts Performed



No Surrender (Music Video)   Band – Trixter

Director: James Foley

Stunts Performed/Coordinated 


2010 - present

2010 - present

Live Action

The Robin Hood Stunt Spectacular – – Time Warner Entertainment/Six Flags St Lewis

Director/Stunt Coordinator: Tom Lowell

Stunts Performed (Played Robin Hood)

Fights – Unarmed-Sword Fights - Broadsword Single Handed/2- Handed/ Double Sword – Quarterstaff.

Rope Swings and Slides

High Fall 15’Crash Mat


The Lethal Weapon Water Stunt Spectacular – TFC Entertainment/Six Flags Great Adventure

Director/Stunt Coordinator: Greg Anderson

Stunts Performed – Coordinated all Unarmed/Knife fight sequences.

Fights – Unarmed/knife.

Driving – Jet Ski (sit-down), Jump Boat.

FireArms – Shotgun/AK-47/.38 revolver

High Fall 25’ Water

On Camera Coordinator

No Surrender (Music Video)   Band – Trixter

Director: James Foley

Coordinated – Fights/Unarmed


Bad Kitty (Web Series in production) – Fight Director

Director:  Guy Shahar

Episodes: Promo


Gelber & Manning In Pictures (Web Series 2012 - present) – Fight Director

Director:  James Lester

Episodes:  Gintown Episode 2

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